ISTQB Certification: Put in order your knowledge

  • 20 min

The number of test engineers is growing. Some of us came to the profession with theoretically background, but someone learned and gain knowledge when he already was a tester. With the further development of our profession, many of us want to be more systematic, structured and meaningful with their knowledge. The question of finding "common denominator" of knowledge, experience and skills is actual now. It is actual not only for young professionals, but also for the absolute testers, for test leads and test managers. During my presentation I will tell you about ISTQB certification as an opportunity to attain the desired denominator. Do you know how to expand your skills and do not spend a lot of time for it? Let’s talk about it!

ISTQB Сертификация. Приводим знания в порядок from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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