No-Test-Cases method: get rid of test cases in testing

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Got annoyed writing, managing and executing the test cases? Excellent, then we are in the same team!

Method "No-Test-Cases" is not a new secret innovation of NASA, it is used in one way on another by different test managers and test designers in the current projects already.

But despite of the growing criticism towards the test-cases in twitter and blogs of the testing experts, this method is still not

described at ISTQB or IEEE, and not preached by test evangelists at their sites.

This interactive presentation tries to systematize the good and the bad on the test-cases, and suggests the alternative approach. It also compares the new approach with test-cases based method, with explorative testing and with checklist-based testing.

This presentation targets the test and project managers, test-designers and any testers with project experience of using the test-cases.

Метод No-Test-Cases: избавьтесь от тест-кейсов в тестировании from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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