Мария Терёхина
Return on Intelligence, Nizhnii Novgorod

Test Process Improvement: Content Models

It has already been said and written a lot about the importance of software development process! In most companies, the processes are built once for development and testing. But sometimes it happens that the testing process in the company is not setup, although the overall development process is presented and formalized. In this case, testing begins not function as the "engine progress," but as "brake" at some moment. In my report, I will share my experience from previous jobs and tell you how to build a testing process from scratch in a company where other processes are already built and running. Also I will talk about the challenges faced; the decisions that have been adopted and implemented; share, with which I started, and what led my efforts. The report will be useful to all those involved in the testing process or want to improve it

Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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