Create requrements from customer's wishes

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In long-term period and maintenance projects we often have to work without formal requirements and just with wishes and vague hints from the customer. This causes terrible problems and overall chaos on the project. That's why we decided to learn how to work with requirements and now I would like to share my experience and knowledge.

We are all working with requirements. Analyzing, reviewing, releasing, managing. This presentation is about what is it - a requirement, what's a role of requirements during each implementation and testing level, how to manage them, how they appears and where are they come from. I will tell you which mistakes during requirements gathering you can make to fail the project. We will concider how to release product's capability from customer's need, how to describe non-functional requirements and check that requirement is ready.

Формирование требований из хотелок заказчика from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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