Almost GitHub Flow in web-development or how we develop

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A long time ago, I've split all reports on two kinds: 

1. Spherical methodology in vacuum. 

2. Look how we made this. 

 I've decided to make my report by second way. In my report I'll introduce you one of the possible ways of web-interface's development and testing processes. I'll show you what is git issues, tell you about our deployment scheme and continuous delivery. This report is like some kind of our progress report. I can't ignore the following questions: 

  •  How to live without bug-tracker and why we should keep friendship with designers? 
  • Benefits of processing pull-requests via "L.I.F.O."? 
  • What is "L.I.F.O."? - "FFFF" - our main principle. What is it? 
  • "PVO" methodology. - Handmade Continuous Delivery - good or bad? 
  • Do we need to feed developers at nights? If yes, that why? 
  • Sysadmins extroverts - beyond the good and evil. 
  • Flexible planning - how we implemented it. 

Everybody is welcome!

Почти Github Flow в вёб-разработке или как мы делаем Русторию from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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