Visualization of UI autotest coverage

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Sometimes QA Manager, Project Manager or Customer are interested in how good our automated tests are. How they cover the functionality of our application?

I have to reveal the secret: pretty often Test Automation Engineers would like to know this coverage as well. But they do not have exact answer. There are some well-known approaches which are used for “low-level” automated tests, code coverage, for instance. However there are no such methods for automated UI tests.

Someone says: “Model-based-testing!”. “Too complex and tedious” - will answer others.

I’m saying “Easily!” and going to tell about simple method how to measure and visualize the coverage of your UI autotests. The approach is based on open-source technology []( and do not require to follow standard MBT practices.

This approach will make happy both wow-picture fans and severe and ascii-etic Test Engineers.

Визуализация покрытия автоматизированными UI тестами from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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