Quality assurance and support in real-time
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When the application is released into the real lifecycle (to the end-user PCs), in a long run prospective, the problem of real-time quality assurance and support arises. The problem includes monitoring of such important application indicators as crashes, hangs, eating up too much CPU, eating up too much RAM and other more specific indicators.

"Main goals of these observations" are tracking these indicators in dynamics, spotting down and reacting to unnatural indicator spikes, that eventually leads to higher quality and more reliable software.

The report suggests a solution for monitoring indicators and tracking defects down with minimal time and human efforts. The solution is based on taking and analyzing process memory dumps.

The suggested solution is relevant to native desktop applications.

Контроль качества и сопровождение программ в реальном времени from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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