How to sell Automation in the most efficient way (outsourcing experience)
  • 40 min

The way of selling a product or a service is a mix of art and science. That’s why to sell something nowadays is much more complicated task than to develop something. I don’t want to decrease art side of selling, no … I just want to focus our discussion on “science” side of selling QA Automation. Our team have developed and successfully uses an Algorithm for selling QA Automation. The algorithm consists of 5 steps. There are 4 documents as input and 5 documents as output. However, we get more than just a set of papers, we get answers to the questions either QA Automation is profitable or not, what to test, when to test and how to test; it gives us confidence, meaningful confidence that project will be successful or not. We are going to share our Algorithm and discuss it, describe input and output documents and share dozens of examples.

Как эффективно продавать Автоматизированное тестирование заказчику from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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