The QaApi concept: looking at testing from the other side of the fence

  • 40 min

We, the Badoo developers, love our QA team members and always try to help them in their back-breaking labor. And since we're the software developers, the best way to help them is ... to write software! That's how we gave birth to the QaApi, our internal product which simplifies manual and automated testing of the Badoo sites and the mobile apps.

Software testers often want to manipulate and query the internal state of our systems. The idea of creating an API for that is quite apparent, and others have already implemented it in their projects in some way. We want to share our own vision of this API, to discuss the pitfalls we've faced and how we overcame them.

This presentation:

  • will outline the scope for using this API (manual testing, Calabash/Selenium integration)
  • could help the listeners to evaluate the need for implementing or improving their current API
  • could help to define requirements for an API and set tasks for developers

Концепция QaAPI: взгляд на тестирование с другой стороны баррикад from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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