How to automate routine tasks or learning to speak snake’s language

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I bet that you, as well as me, have to deal with a huge number of tasks not related directly to testing. You need to transfer files to someone, create a boring report, upload a new version of the application onto server, or feed an office turtle. Moreover, these problems are constantly repeating - routine!

I suggest using automation to solve these problems. Yes, you can automate a huge number of tasks you faced during your work. First of all get some knowledge in one of the programming languages, configure development environment and then your imagination will help you to set the goals of automation.

This report refers to python programming language, one of the simplest and most intuitive in this case. Let's see how to write code, how to find ready-made modules and run scripts.

Let’s study Continuous Integration server - Bamboo, as one of the most beautiful and simplest environments for our scripts.

Как автоматизировать рутинные задачи или учимся разговаривать на змеином языке from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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