How to integrate a new tester onto an existing team

  • 20 min

The main purpose of my presentation is to share my experience of integration new testers onto a team.

It is important for us to make them feel comfortable about their work. Sooner or later, all test managers are faced with having new members become part of their team. A lot of questions appear: ‘Should they go straight into a new project?’ or ‘Should I give them boring regression tests?’ and ‘What should I do with them on their first day of work?’ What if these new members in your team are not in your company? First impressions are the most important. It is not fair to think that only the new person should make a good impression during probation; you should also do your best to motivate them and provide them with all the important things to make their careers successful in your company.

Как вводить нового тестировщика в команду from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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