How to earn the trust of the customer during project transition to the new test team?

  • 20 min

Sometimes big projects move from one IT company to another. Often happens when customer wants to save the budget and make transition from Europe to Russia, India or China. What if you are in a team receiving a similar project? 

 In this presentation I will share my real experience and I will talk about how we performed transition of complex B2B project, won the trust of the customer and significantly improved the quality of our software. I'll talk about the difficulties that necessarily face testers, and I will share my tips for overcoming them. 

This report will be of interesting for any testers who work with foreign test cases, complex specifications, partner systems and distributed teams of testers, analysts and developers.

Как заслужить доверие заказчика при передаче проекта новой команде тестирования? from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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