Frequent releases in Enterprise

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I’m sure, all of you have heard about GitHub Flow. If you follow this process, you will be able to deploy new functionality to production environment fast and easily.

Workflows like this are usually easy to apply in small teams or “young” projects.

We were able to apply a similar approach on a large Enterprise-product, which supports the sales process in the company 2GIS.

My report will be about: how we got rid of “awkwardness”, switched to an agile process with frequent releases, and, as a result, improved the quality of our product.

I will talk about:

  • Why did a typical process with monthly releases of an Enterprise-project stop being suitable for customers and the team

  • What did we change in the product and processes to support the deployment of features as soon as they are ready

  • How did frequent releases help us to improve our product

Частые релизы в Enterprise from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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