Let's talk about test data

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The most complicated part of testing is preparing test data. The data depends on type of testing, its target as well as from development phase and number of other factors.

Should we write data generator or create artificial stuff manually? Should we find some data in copy of production database or it’s better to create a specific test subset? Should we use random or static data? These and other similar questions will be discussed here.

Besides the technical questions there are organizational or infrastructural issues. For instance you may have lack of permissions or it’s impossible to use stub on test environment.

And one more question: how you are sure that you are really use the data you were intended to use?

It won’t be a presentation. It’ll be a conversation with you, colleagues. I do not have answers on all the questions but may be you have? Let’s gather and discuss this topic.

Беседа о тестовых данных from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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