JIRA migration - braveheart’s quest

This talk gives an overview of organisational and technical challenges that awaits JIRA administrator, who started to migrate to new version. Large enterprise environment is a true Pandora box of unpredictable activities, unforeseen from the early phases of migration project.

Topics covered in the talk may help JIRA administrator to prepare for some of them.

• reasonable migration indicators: how to understand that you need to migrate

• typical migration process: what are the phases, who is involved, who is always forgotten

• specifics of migration from external vendor into internal company infrastructure

• internal infrastructure planning

• JIRA integration with authentication services: Seraph internals

• migration insiders: XML export files internals

• migrate project settings without projects

• step-by-step projects migration planning

• transferring the projects: how to sleep well and be sure that all is ok

• external vendor contract termination: starting to live a brand new life

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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