Testing of the testers. Neurofeedback in QA

  • 20 min

This report raises urgent questions of qualitative features of the testers, which they need for making their job better. They are the ability to activate their attention, distribution function of the attention, and the attention focus. The document includes the description of the research method of diagnosis of tester’s attention in testing processes and in the non-testing processes. Author reveals brain mechanisms of decreased attention in long-term testing process and the ways to improving this situation. There are the description of psychophysiological methods of diagnosis of attention and biological feedback methods of changing the brain rhythms activity in the presentation. The methods are very successful in many spheres, especially the IT sphere. The author represents the example of individual psychophysiological training for increased attention in everyday testing processes.

Тестирование тестировщиков. Нейрофидбэк в QA from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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