QG tech usage for software quality assurence

  • 40 min

My topic will be usefull for projects, where products quality is very important and also for those who interested to improve there skills in quality assurence and want to be more then simple testing engineer.

1. We'll take look at the termin - quality gate, where is it from, and what does it means.

2. Applience to modern development processes

3. Usage paradigm of quality gates

4. Abilites usage of quality gates depend on processes maturity

As the result we'll create understanding about one of concepts in QA area named - quality gates wich aimed to define and fix bugs on the development stage it's been appea what in the end turns to decrease time2market and increasing quality level.

Технология QG для обеспечения качества ПО from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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