The ways to increase QA team effectiveness: compare visions of the manager and the engineer

Experienced QA engineers and QA leads from different IT companies agreed to share their knowledge and their vision of the ideal testing team ever. They also agreed to uncover some issues in the daily collaboration that had lead to such a conclusion. The opinions of the managers and the engineers were compared to each other. 

Here I would like to present a talk, reflecting a vision of the effective testing team from both sides. 
The talk will cover the following areas: 
- What kind of team issues are most impact on team efficiency. Possible solutions to create a great team of the QA professionals. 
- Staff turnover. 
- Good team player in my testing team. Dreams of the manager and assumptions of the QA engineer regarding what he thinks the manager thinks. 

The talk is recommended for the managers and the engineers as an opportunity to look at effective QA team by the eyes of each other.
Audience level
Lightning Talk (20 min)


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