Cooking testable infrastructure with Chef

  • 40 min

If you still think that requirements and applications are the only components you need to test - we're coming after you!

Thousands of testers face deployment and environment issues on daily basis, and those issues are nothing other than bugs of infrastructure. Such bugs often camouflage themselves as application bugs, which makes diagnosis and implementation of fixes non-straightforward, and often delays testing activities and even whole releases.

In my talk I'll give an overview of how familiar testing techniques (static, unit, integration, acceptance, etc.) and quality assuarance methods (reviews, bug tracking, continuous integration, release management) can be applied to infrastructure artifacts. Furthermore, I'll tell (and show, with examples and source code snipplets), how we at Align Technology use various tools from Chef ecosystem (and beyond) to improve infrastructure quality, along with the mood of the testers of the whole world.

Готовим тестируемую инфраструктуру с Chef from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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