Most common problems of QA courses, or why the courses prepare bad specialists.

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In this report, I want to talk about the problems, I've encountered trying to find junior specialist, completed a variety of courses on testing. It's about the typical tasks that teach future testers look at why these problems do not bring added value and is often simply harmful.

We will discuss following questions:

 - As in the pursuit of big money courses crushed into several parts, giving the material a really useful only in the latter part of training

- Senseless and haphazard test applications

- For what purpose students are given assignments in the style of "Find at least 40 bugs"

- How does the process of training trainers detachment from work on real projects

In the second part of his report, I want to give a several advices for all junior professionals: what to read, whether it is necessary to go on courses, and how to choose courses correctly.

Проблемы курсов по тестированию и специалистов, которых они выпускают from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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