UICov - UI-tests coverage analysis tool

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"- Hey, testers! What is the coverage of these tests?
- Cucumber!
- What 'cucumber'?
- But what 'coverage'?"
(c) Табличка “Сарказм” (https://twitter.com/glorphindale)

Do you remember my presentation I did on SQA Days conference about an year ago "Visualization of UI autotest coverage" (http://sqadays.com/en/talk/26051)? It was about our idea how to measure coverage of UI tests. Also I promised to prepare an opensource version of the tool.
Here it is: https://github.com/budabum/uicov.
I'm going to familiarize you with this tool and provide "getting started" hints to help you to use UICov to measure coverageof your tests. The tool is cross-platform and independent on programming language.

The plan is:
1) To give an overview of the UICov tool.
2) Demonstrate some features and asic examples of how to use it.
That it.

Also I'd like to raise a question why lots of people misuse PageObject.

UICov - инструмент анализа покрытия UI-тестами from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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