Simple QA Audit

  • 20 min

- Release failed again...

- Seems so...

- We have to urgently improve the quality of our releases!

- Agree - let's have a quality audit!

- Great! But how?

- We could invite consultors for 100500 of money.

- No, we are out of budget anyway...

- And what we can do?

- Well, You are QA manager - You must decide!

So, the task is absolutely clear and understandable :)

After analyze the huge volume of information about quality audit was decided to create simple model, which minimize efforts to conduct audit and allow to reflect realtime progress.

As a result, there was created QA Audit checklist which evolved from 59 points to 109 in 9 month!

Now I'm conducting audit for 13 projects every month - before Monthly Operations Review.

It takes me from 20 minutes up to 2 hours, depending on improvements and maturity of every project.

During the presentation I'll share the checklist template and introduce the auditing process in details based on the real project.

Простой QA аудит from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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