The testing process. Measurement and Assessment

  • 40 min

Many professionals and managers working in the field of testing, sooner or later ask themselves the question: Our testing process is effective? How to measure the efficiency of the process? Very often, these questions can be found in organizations where the testing process is an important component of the implementation process of change. This means that testing impose strict requirements on the part of businesses, which often directly affect the quality of testing. On the other hand, many managers are not involved in the process of testing, although to know how effective the process is organized, whether he performs his assigned task. Usually this information, as a black box, incomprehensible and immeasurable. 

I will try to dispel doubts and questions concerning the effectiveness of the assessment of the testing process, and show you how and what methods can be used to measure and assess the process of testing.

Процесс тестирования. Измерение и оценка from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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