APM Competence Framework OR how to understand the capabilities of Your testing team.

  • 20 min

Company success is based on qualified Specialists. 

Imagine your testing department consists of 200 professionals. However, teams are diverted as all specialists have a different qualification and specialization. Questions to ask - What specialist within one and the same position must be determined on a project? How to understand that his competence is enough? How well the employee will perform their duties? How can we measure this? How to determine the level of development of a specialist? Grow or deteriorate? Classic professional development evaluation is not much helpful in this case. A catalog of competence based on APM competence framework provides a good decision for this problem. During the presentation I will demonstrate specific examples of professional competencies and their indicators, as well as talk about their application on the example of one of the projects.

Фреймворк компетенций APM from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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