How to "cook" Pairwise and don't fall down in breaking bad

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Sometimes check-list is so large that it’s impossible to be done on time. Pairwise Testing is the method to minimize the number of tests without harm of their coverage

It’s a very effective tool but the algorithm is too complicated to understand even if you have a degree in mathematics. However, scientists at the end of the XX century have found a way to reduce complex mathematical calculations.

Here I describe 3 recipes for test cases using the Pairwise Testing by the example of characters from TV series "Breaking Bad"

Walter White’s recipe – is the method of "old school" based on linear algebra with orthogonal matrices and Latin square. Method of slob Mayhew Brandon is for those who do not bother with understanding of the math and ready to use utility to produce calculations. Creative people will like Jesse Pinkmana’s method - understand the whole essence of the optimization of test cases and add a little bit of “chili” and do not bother as White

But first things first…

Как «сварить» Pairwise и не пуститься во все тяжкие from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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