Ирина Шрейдер
2ГИС, Novosibirsk

Badger - a tool for monitoring the quality of products

Imagine that:

- You're a developer and you want to run functional tests on a branch with a feature of the new, and you do not know where to get them, how to configure, start, etc.

- Head of department and you want to control the quality of products, they are numerous and each has its own product technology.

In my report I will tell you about a new open-source tool Badger, which helps to learn all about the quality of the product. Simple start-up tests, collecting test results from different sources, the aggregation of results, beautiful graphics. And all this in one place for all products department / company. Badger - a handy tool with which to easily monitor the current state of the quality of products and their trends.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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