Preparation of the test strategy for high-risked and profitable project.

  • 40 min

Business scenario to be considered: 

  1. Innovative project.
  2. More than half of these projects failed. 
  3. Success projects are bring millions a week. Not in rubles. Every extra week of development is a multi-million losses. Priority - speed.
  4. The error in the system, similar to that described in Russian here (, can make the company bankrupt in an hour.

In my report you will:

  • See the generalized algorithm for constructing a testing strategy.
  • See a look how to built the facet by facet of the strategy and how to improve the flow in concrete case.
  • See the difference between strategy and non-strategy.

Expected Audience:

  • Test Managers: they have to write and defend the testing strategy.
  • Project managers: they have to coordinate the testing strategy with the general strategy of the development.
  • Engeenirs: they have to understand and adopt the strategy. 

Level of this report is very high. 
Knowledge of works by Deming and Goldratt is preferable.

Подготовка стратегии тестирования под высокорискованный, высокодоходный проект from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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