Preparation of the test strategy for high-risked and profitable project.

Business scenario to be considered: 

  1. Innovative project.
  2. More than half of these projects failed. 
  3. Success projects are bring millions a week. Not in rubles. Every extra week of development is a multi-million losses. Priority - speed.
  4. The error in the system, similar to that described in Russian here (, can make the company bankrupt in an hour.

In my report you will:

  • See the generalized algorithm for constructing a testing strategy.
  • See a look how to built the facet by facet of the strategy and how to improve the flow in concrete case.
  • See the difference between strategy and non-strategy.

Expected Audience:

  • Test Managers: they have to write and defend the testing strategy.
  • Project managers: they have to coordinate the testing strategy with the general strategy of the development.
  • Engeenirs: they have to understand and adopt the strategy. 

Level of this report is very high. 
Knowledge of works by Deming and Goldratt is preferable.
Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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