Three tools of test manager for people management

Work with processes, metrics, budgets and plans are important for test manager, besides of it, we are working with things called by Alister Cockburn "... as non-linear, first-order components in software development" - people.

The answer to the question "How to work with people" will be "communicate and be simple" in 90% cases. Is it awesome, isn't it? Measurable, doable, scalable, agile... There are can be all manager's epithets to describe this work as a manageable.

In case to be serious, there are well-known tools of experienced and good managers for "herding cats".

My masterclass will help you to be familiar with three of these tools: communication algorithm, constructive feedback and motivation-discipline, and you will have chances to try it in practice.

Audience level
Workshop (1h 30 min)


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