Playing with fire: meeting BDD and Cucumber framework BDDfire

  • 40 min

Idea of BDD is to combine automated acceptance tests, functional requirements and software documentation into one format that would be understandable by non-technical people. How does BDD work? What is included in the BDD project? Which implementation mistakes could be omitted? That’s what I’ll cover in the first part of my report.

Second will be devoted to the framework selecting and my experience with BDDfire. Why is it? Perhaps, the answer is in the phrase: “Write your tests, not framework” - that was the title I started my acquaintance with BDDfire framework from. Since only three commands were required to get started, in some minutes framework was installed, and the first test was run.

Знакомимся с BDD и Cucumber фреймворком BDDfire from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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