JDI: Automation is easier than you think
  • 40 min

I would like to tell you how to quick and correct setup automation on your project.

How to start writing test scripts without wasting  2-3 months for developing "new Selenium framework" and get good tests with detailed logs and reports.

If you have mobile application or  Desktop application,  you could write identical tests using JDI framework. You simply need to link different module as driver.

Framework was developed based on idea, that from users' point of view each UI contains same elements. In this case there is no reason to create completely different tests for different UI.

Additionally to have possibility easy adjust JDI framework to already started project we tried to do JDIs' architecture as distributed and customized as possible.

I will tell how  has been done, it is will be interesting!)

JDI: Автоматизировать проще, чем кажется from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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