Equipment of runtime in a tester's arsenal

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In the process of testing, especially if one has to test many products immediately, the QA team faces the fact that functional automatic and manual tests cannot often detect some problems hidden within an undeveloped program logic.

In addition, the development sometimes has to spend much time for searching the cause of break-down of functional tests in the code.

In this report an original approach of run-time environment change is proposed to solve these problems, either runtime Java or the .NET to collect extended data about execution of the tested program without making any changes to the program itself.

The offered solution firstly allows to control non-off-nominal conditions of program execution. Secondly, it gives the development the detailed context of the problem, which accelerates search of its emergence cause and, thirdly, this approach is suited for the revelation of difficult problems in the production environment.

Инструментация среды исполнения в арсенале тестировщика from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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