Internet of Tested Things
  • 40 min

Internet of Things now is a very trendy but very messy subject. Hordes of companies and independent developers are trying to understand what smart things end user really wants. Lots of speakers present how useful and fancy smart things are. Instead of making Yet Another "IoT Is Great" presentation, in this talk I want to concentrate on one very practical subject:  what's inside the head and hands of the man-orchestra who is at the same time developer, tester and DIYster. We have way more developers and DIYsters than testers in IoT world now. That's why it's vital to understand what should we know to create Tested Things instead of just Things:
- why we have so many Things, but only few of them are Tested Things
- why Tested Things it's all about integration 
- how to find ideas and make components
- how to make test benches that won't make you run after escaped quad-copter
- how to build knowledge in all that stuff
- ???

Internet of Tested Things from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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