Jenkins 2.0 - powered testing in Continuous Delivery pipelines

  • 40 min

Adoption of the Continuous Delivery (CD) methodology in modern projects requires shortening of testing cycles. On the other hand, the quality requirements become higher, and companies have to automate and parallelize all stages in delivery pipelines. This is being done by systems, which were responsible for the continuous integration “only”. Jenkins is one of the most popular automation tools of such kind. It supports various testing tools and can be used in various QA flows. Jenkins 2.0 release in April 2016 increases the application area of Jenkins and addresses the ongoing shift to CD/DevOps.

The talk addresses new features in Jenkins 2.0 simplifying both automatic and manual testing. Pipeline is in the focus, because it allows describing various sequential and parallel workflows in a flexible way. These pipelines include building, testing, packaging and delivery of products. In the talk we will also present test automation for one of Jenkins project components with Pipeline.

Jenkins 2.0: Организуем тестирование в составе Continuous Delivery from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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