Quality Assurance, Quality Control and QA Automation metrics on fingertips

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Spherical horse in vacuum :)

Let's formulate and talk about two magical logical chains:

1. Data

2. Information

3. Information relevancy

4. Information visualization

5. Decision making - feedback mechanism

1. Any possible artifacts of Quality control and co - as data

2. Quality Assurance - as the way of filtering data, forming context and transforming data to information.

3. Automation testing metrics - relevant to exact project needs

4. Visualizing information based in introduced metrics

5. Decision making - adapting process, QA in the best meaning of that word

Let's try to answer the questions and form the context of the talk about automation testing metrics:

1. What is the sense of that magical logical chains?

2. How are they connect with each other?

3. Automated testing metrics on fingertips

4. "Value" of the mistake

5. How to choose metrics relevant to the project?

6. How to find relevant triggers for putting on "alarm" based on metrics for your exact project?

7. Visualization

Quality Assurance, Quality Control и метрики Автоматизированного тестирования from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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