Heuristics, mnemonics and other Greek words in the exploratory testing of mobile apps

  • 40 min

Do you test mobile apps and have to make do with minimum documentation or even work without it?

Are you more likely to rely on your intuition rather than on the test cases from Jurassic period?

I’ll fill you in on the approach, to developing tests, based on your experience, domain knowledge, previous releases and work with similar apps.

In the first part of my talk I’ll dwell on basic techniques, unveil their pros and cons, and show how I used them in mobile apps testing.

The second part will be devoted to exploratory testing. How to keep on mind the essential checks? That’s where heuristics and mnemonics come to rescue. What are they? Why and how could they be used? I’ll mix the theory with examples. Come to my talk: I SLICED UP FUN!

You’ll enjoy my talk if you are a test engineer experienced in exploratory testing of mobile apps.

Эвристики, мнемоники и другие греческие слова в исследовательском тестировании мобильных приложений from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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