Feedback and goal setting, as a lighthouse of testers hope
  • 40 min

A tester everyday communicates with colleagues: testers, lead, developers, systems administrators, managers, directorate, tech support, etc. Sometimes a tester could be lost in this whirl of communications and collaborations. He needs clear objectives and strong connections for keep direction in this confusing tangle. How to create these connections, how to set codirectional goals with company's interests, how to go in step with the times and colleagues - this is my talk about.

In my talk, I will tell, as a lead, about tools for gathering feedback and setting goals. I will share my experience and will give tips in goal setting for increase employees motivation and for staff development.

The talk will be interesting for leads and testers, who wants to find growth's vectors.

Обратная связь и целеполагание, как маяки надежды тестировщика from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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