Юрий Малый
Comodo, Odessa

Transparency in QA work for management

Usually if You ask QA tea or team leader what are You doing right now and why testing not completed in time you'll receive number of different reasons. 

 Manager : Why the whole team completed only 7 TestCases during the whole day? 

 TeamLead: We were blocked with BUGs 5343, 5356 and 5377. 

 Manager: Why weren't You refactoring test cases and verifying other BUGs? 

 TeamLead: We've checked 5 new builds, created 10 new and reopened 7 old bugs! 

For the real understanding of all underground processes You have to spent much time and carefully track every QA in the team. 

Otherwise it seems that QA team is working not effectively. 

 During the presentation I will introduce you autonomic system of Transparency in QA work in details and share the main templates. 

 It will be useful for managers and team leaders who needs to protect their QA resources.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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