Essence of Responsibility for Quality in Different IT-Projects and Sharing Principles

  • 40 min

Many QA professionals are convinced that IT industry has perfect vision of the quality and the means of its achievement. Therefore, the situation, when you switch to another company this ideal appears to be different, most values are being challenged, and common ways of working are very distinguishing, becomes an unexpected shock.

The fact is that understanding of the quality criteria in IT-projects has come a long way from orientation to the perfect engineering product to meeting the steak-holders’ interests and providing prospects for business. Currently the awareness appears that different projects require different quality, and its criteria vary during the project.

The report considers the space of quality criteria description and shared responsibility in the projects, which are to be examined for detailed examples.

The speech develops my preceding reports ( about the evolution of quality criteria (AgileDays-2015) and sharing responsibilities (AnalystDays-2015).

Ответственность за качество в разных ИТ-проектах: в чем она и как ее разделять from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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