Cat food recipe or internal testing in organization

  • 20 min

How to get a feedback on your application usability and find bugs before release? How to reduce number of patches and critical bugs found after release? How to respond quickly to current trends and deliver high quality product on time? And, finally, how to build an organization where every employee feels involved and whose opinion is always heard?

My talk is about special test technology called "Dogfood" (during my talk I will explain where does this term came from and why we have replaced it with "Catfood"). This is a story on how Groupon, Facebook and other companies organize and involve a large number of employees to internal testing using Testfairy and other tools - Splunk, Crashlytics etc. And how they even replace entire QA departments with such teams. You will learn how to build a process from scratch and how to motivate people to participate in it and benefit the company.

I сфт guarantee an interesting talk full of live examples, demos and step by step "recipe".

Рецепт еды для кошек или внутреннее тестирование в организации from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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