How not to crash and burn on Scrum’s fast track of advantages: Scrum team testing organization and optimization when working with public sector customers
  • 20 min

Amongst IT companies and project teams, in today’s world of software development, preference is being given ever more often to Agile methodologies of achieving visibility and transparency in software development and testing processes, improving their efficiency, and reducing project risks, which, as a result, yield a positive effect on the quality of the product. When applying Agile methodologies while working on projects, particularly for public sector customers, one must be prepared for unexpected challenges in forming the interaction of development and testing teams within the bounds of a project. In my report, listeners will get to find out how the paths for the solution of this specific problem, as well as others, were found in practice and how, considering all of the particularities in working with the public sector, to properly organize and stamp out a huge product’s the development and testing process.

Как не налететь на рифы в море преимуществ Scrum при работе с гос. заказчиками from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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