Team management in distributed QA teams
  • 20 min

To achieve project goals , to work effecient and with passion , you need to organise good team work.
But what does it mean in practice ?How to achieve these goals ? 
And even more , how to deal with it in case of distributed QA team.
Books  says, that distributed team can not show the best effectiveness. But in fact, today a lot of companies have distributed ofices in different countries and towns, and project team can consist of people who haven't ever seen each other. So we need to find a way to solve problems of distributed teams.
In my speech I'll cover problems and sollutions , according to popular theories, discuss how it;s applicable to distributed QA teams ahd share my experience.

Синергия распределенной QA-команды. Преодолеваем трудности from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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