Using Combinatorial Testing for Mobile Apps

  • 20 min

Is told a lot about combinatory testing.

At any time I can list reports related to this, sounded on the conference till past few years.

But what specifics need to apply it in when we're speaking about mobile applications? Usual problem of mobile systems testing - quantity of devices and a lot of configuration of the software which have to be checked. For example, so-called challenge of all mobile testing, the number of Android of devices, could compel testing team to check hundreds of devices and software configurations, having run thousands or even tens of thousands tests.

I will show how pairwase methods can be applied in testing, and, the main thing, I will tell about specifics of usage of combinatory testing for ensuring quality of mobile applications.

Использование комбинаторного тестирования для мобильных приложений from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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