Automated UI testing in uncontrollably improving environment
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How to test an application which works in constantly and uncontrollably updated environment?

What if unit tests do not help?

What if you need to monitor application health in different geographical zones?

How to minimize efforts on test development and support?

These tasks demand not only high skilled specialists but also mature tools.

We will walk through a live example consisting of

  • an application - Outlook plugin for Office 365,

  • test coverage,

  • and real life experience that I will be glad to share.

You will also learn about Rapise - the tool used for creating the test coverage. Rapise is a comprehensive automated UI testing solution developed in our company. It offers testers a single platform to test web, mobile and desktop applications as well as web service APIs.

Code and description of the tests are available on GitHub:

Автоматизация UI тестирования в неконтролируемо улучшаемой внешней среде from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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