Automated testing - from complex to simple, or Run autotests from the browser

  • 40 min

Automated testing makes life easier for the tester. But what will we do if the autotester is sick / flew to Thailand / retired and we have to start regress right now? We can give the opportunity to run autotests to an analyst who is well versed in reports and does not understand the magic of automated testing. And as a small, but nice bonus, we can unload other testers, because of the part of other tasks can be shifted to analysts.

We will talk about "automation of automated tests" in this report. We will look at the situation when only click on a button in the browser is needed to run the autotest/test suites. Specifically, we'll look at the necessary tools and a step-by-step algorithm for creating the environment for running automated tests from the browser. Also, with the example of our project, we will describe the difficulties encountered in the creation of this environment and how we overcame these difficulties.

Автоматизированное тестирование - от сложного к простому from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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