Testing of distributed systems. Jepsen it is not so hard

  • 40 min

MongoDB, Apache Ignite, Cassandra, MariaDB - we've head at least of one product from this list. There are a lot of manuals and posts on stack overflow, habr about them. All of them are distributed systems - distributed data base, distributed cache and so on. We will focus on the testing of such systems (yes, I'm talking about Jepsen). 

Jepsen it is module of Clojure (it's like a Lisp but for JVM). This module have a lot of useful code, that break the brain of anyone who not familiar with s-expressions. It difficult but it intresting! 

I will tell about Jepsen as a module of Clojure, about testing environment and show some real examples of tests.

Тестирование распределенных систем или Jepsen это совсем не сложно from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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