Test automation 2018 in examples

  • 40 min

We will talk about the evolution of Selenium WebDriver, and objective reasons, that transformed one of the Web-oriented solutions into web-standard, we will discuss the evolution of tools of mobile automation, we will speak about latest Appium news, we will have a brainstorm about next phase of desktop automation, we will remember kotlin and mention the ar and vr in the context of testing, we will speak about the richness of IoT and AI platforms, complexities of quality assurance today and tomorrow, look at Robotic Process Automation with clear eye, give examples of real projects implemented here and now, and we will join all those elements and formulate the coordinates system and evolutional IT vector using The Sedov's law of hierarchical compensation and Hegel dialectics. Understanding the future of the sector if the industry is the unique advantage. Come and join us, it's going to be interesting

Автоматизация тестирования: взгляд в будущее from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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