Добиваемся эффективности каждого из 9000+ UI-тестов

  • 20 min

Any project in the process of its development and growth is filled with new functionality. QA-processes should react to this promptly and adequately, for example, by increasing the number of tests of all kinds. In this report, we will talk about UI-tests, which play an important role in creating a quality product.
The number of tests is gradually increasing from 1000 to 3000, from 6000 to 9000+, etc., and to avoid this avalanche covering our QA process, we need to think about the effectiveness of the entire system and each test in it from the earliest stage of the automation project development .
In this report, I'll show you how to make the system flexible to the requests coming from the business, as well as the effective use of each of the tests. In addition, we will talk about the evaluation and metrics of not only the automation processes, but also the entire QA.

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