Software Disasters

  • 40 min
In today’s world when we are more and more dependent on the software in our everyday life when the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere and seems to be the future; when we talk about autonomous homes, cars, it is essential that we build the software as defect-less as possible. 

Because, exponentially with the growth of the new technologies, the impact of a software disaster upon the economics and the human lives is also increasing. To prevent this from happening, first, we have to look into the past and learn from the mistakes done so far. Especially in times when lots of people think testing is not needed as we already have DevOps, continuous everything, etc.

Surely there are thousands of examples of software failures due to improper or poor testing, design flows, bad requirements, etc. 

This keynote focuses on the worst ones and their causes so that we can all know how to avoid such mistakes that might even lead to greater disasters. Never take Software Quality lightly!

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