Tester and DevOps: Can you effectively resolve incidents using interface of your system?
  • 20 min

One of the tester's tasks is to look on the system through the helpdesk's eyes, to check whether the interfaces of the system can effectively resolve incidents according to SLA. Good resolution of the incident is not only to localize the error in the system, but also to help the user solve his business problem, find a workaround "here and now." Even in the case, then the cause of the problem is situated in the another system. Experience shows that this is often a weak point and requires the involvement of developers to directly analyze the data and correct it directly in the database.

Based on my experience, I will tell you what functions are useful in the system for the effective resolution of incidents of inter-system integration, as well as incidents related to processing of special business situations and deals not provided for in the system. I think the story will help listeners look at their system in terms of compliance with the SLA.

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