Testing of geolocation systems

  • 40 min

In the modern world, systems and machines are more and more penetrating into our daily lives, companies and large businesses are already aware of our preferences and interests, about our friends and our purchases. All this allows us to make our life easier and make the right decisions. The next thing that a vast number of companies will want to know about their users will be their current location position. Therefore, it is already important now to obtain expertise in this area to be at the forefront of the hype. 

The main idea of the talk is an attempt to show how the testing of complicated and unclear things can be done easier. In the process of the talk, you will be able to find out how the development of an understanding of the domain area of geo-information systems allowed us to build up and develop testing gradually. Also, you will learn the basic set of tools useful for working with geosystems and the typical problems associated with them.

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